Catering system

The advantage of this system is an electronic record keeping of boarders, orders, cancellations and issuing of individual meals. It is possible to order the meals or check the account credit using the food terminal. Another important part of the system is a web application, which can be used for meal orders and cancellations. In practice, this means that the user orders lunch by placing the card next to the terminal and selecting the desired meal(s). In the dining room, he/she taps the card to the reader, which signals the personnel the ordered meal number and based on this number, they issue the meal.

Payments for meals are made to the dining room account by a bank transfer or in cash at the cash register. Using a unique identifier – card number – the server assigns the credit to individual cards and maintains the accounts of individual users.

We recommend the use of our SW module together with readers and terminals for dining rooms and cafeterias. The whole solution is very user friendly, secure and reliable, which should lead to satisfaction of boarders and higher demand for dining room services. The system expects contactless MIFARE 4kB smart cards for identification. For users who do not own such smart card, the authorized issuer may issue one, since the smart card printer and accompanying necessary technologies are provided by our company.


The main purposes of implementing our catering system are:

  • To remove the paper ticket catering system

The catering system provides automatic ordering and issuing of meals in a dining room using a food terminal or web application.

  • Automatic meal ordering
  • Ordering using a food terminal

There will be significant changes in the dining room. The orders are not made by sale and stamping of tickets, but rather using a card and stationary terminals. These can be placed in or in front of the dining room. The menu is available in the meal system and users can make orders for days, for which the menu is available.

  • Ordering online

Another functionality is ordering online. This way everybody who has intranet access, including persons in remote locations, may place orders.

  • Meal cancellations

In case the user decides before the order closing time that he/she will not want the ordered meal, he/she can cancel the order using the food terminal or online using the intranet application. If the cancellation deadline has already passed, the meal cannot be cancelled and in this case, the user can offer it in the meal exchange.

  • Advance exchange and meal exchange

The system allows the so-called meal exchange, in which the users have an additional opportunity to order meals after the ordering has been closed – from ordered meals that have been placed into the exchange. The criterion for meal selection from the exchange (in case more of the same kind are offered) is the time when the meal was offered in the exchange.
Advance exchange serves for making a user request for meal up to a certain time. When the user makes such a request, he/she does not have to check, whether this kind of meal has appeared in the exchange.

  • External orders and meal issuing

This kind of ordering is used in remote locations. A transferable CASIO terminal is used for orders and meal issuing.

  • Automatic meal issuing

The employee identifies himself/herself by using the employee card at the meal terminal. In case the order is valid, the meal type is displayed and the issuer confirms it using an external button.

  • Connection to other subsystems – CONSOLIDATION

One of the catering system options is the evaluation of employee meal benefits. After the monthly attendance closure, the employee meal benefits may be transferred from the attendance system to the catering system. Meal benefits with subsidy are determined by the company rules.

  • Several report options

The meal software offers several daily and monthly reports of orders, issued meals overall, by division, department or employee, which can be viewed on screen or printed out.

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